Fried cauliflowers

Fried cauliflowers

Crisps are always delicious and everyone`s taste, especially children. Usually we choose chicken and sometimes mushrooms for frying food, but if we are more risky in cooking, there are many other options for frying that are both easy to make and delicious. One of these options is cauliflower. We all know that cabbages are full of nutrients, but unfortunately these vegetables are not everyone’s favorite, but with a little change and creativity, we can make them take their place in the family meals.


  • 600 to 700 g raw cauliflowers
  • 3 eggs
  • Bread crumbs as needed
  • Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed


Mix eggs, salt, pepper and turmeric well in a bowl.

Roll the cauliflower in the liquid to soak all the surface.

Then roll them in the breadcrumbs to be completely floured.

In a pot, pour oil about a half of cauliflower and fry them until both sides be golden. There is no need to close the potlid. (not necessary to cook the cauliflower before because it will cook while frying).

Fried cauliflowers
Fried cauliflowers

Now put them in the napkin to remove their extra oil and it is ready. It is better to use fresh sour lemon juice to enjoy more.

Fried cauliflowers
Fried cauliflowers

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