Sauce Recipes List

Simple Garlic and Basil Pesto Recipe
10 min, 2 servings, 280 Cals , by mitra
Ingredients: basil, garlic, sunflower kernel, fresh lemon juice
If you grow basils in your yard like me and would love the opportunity to use them in different meals but you can't use all ...
Classic Tomato Sauce Recipe for Pasta
25 min, 4 servings, 85 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: tomato puree, olive oil, garlic, parsley
It’s so easy to make homemade tomato sauce in different types . this caramelized tomato sauce is great with pasta, chicken and more. ...
The Best Ever Shawarma Sauce Recipe
10 min, 3 servings, 99 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: Diced pickle, Mayonnaise, Ketchup(spicy or not), Salt
If shawarma sandwich aren’t good enough alone, this sauce makes them taste better. This recipe is consisted of pickle which I like it more than ...
The Perfect Garlic and Tomato Sauce for Pizza
15 min, 4 servings, 39 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: Canned tomatoes or tomatoes puree, garlic, Basil, olive oil
A pizza without a good essence isn't an attractive combination, and it can't raise your content. A pizza can be heavenly delicious, with a simple ...
White Sauce or Béchamel Sauce Recipe for Lasagna
10 min, 2 servings, 330 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: flour, butter, milk, salt
The sauce consists of three main ingredients. Butter and flour the same measurment , milk until the sauce thickens well. I am very satisfied with ...
The easiest and delicated hummus recipe
40 min, 3 servings, 437 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: Chickpea, Tahini, Garlic, Lemon juice
A fragrant dip with a soft and fluffy texture, especially when paired with roasted pitta bread, is so appealing that you do not want to ...
Easy tomato pizza sauce recipe
20 min, 3 servings, 149 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: Tomato, Olive oil, Tomato paste, Sugar
A famous and delicious Italian sauce that is used for a variety of pizza and pasta. This red sauce with a mild aroma of garlic, ...
Homemade Espagnole Sauce
0 min, 4 servings, 182 Cals , by golzar
Ingredients: beef broth, celery stock, carrots, onion
Espagnole sauce is one of the 5 mother sauces, and in my opinion it’s super delicious especially with grilled chicken or beef. When you have ...
Easy Caramel Sauce
30 min, 8 servings, 165 Cals , by golzar
Ingredients: Water, White sugar, Butter, Salt, table
Caramel sauce is a perfect ingredients to have more delicious cheesecakes, ice creams, pies and … . We can always buy it from the stores ...