Basic Recipes List

Simple Garlic and Basil Pesto Recipe
10 min, 2 servings, 280 Cals , by mitra
Ingredients: basil, garlic, sunflower kernel, fresh lemon juice
If you grow basils in your yard like me and would love the opportunity to use them in different meals but you can't use all ...
Best Homemade Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
35 min, 5 servings, 531 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, butter
There are more than one thousand cupcake recipes out there on the internet, I'm not exaggerating, but we only use one or two of these ...
Warm Indian Garlic Naan With Pan
105 min, 6 servings, 624 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: Flour, Dry yeast, Yogurt, Oil
Making your own bread is one of those things that sounds harder than it actually is. I'm going to debunk that myth for you by ...
Super Soft Ginger Cookies
22 min, 4 servings, 586 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: flour, baking soda, cinnamon powder, ginger powder
One of the most delicious and easiest cookies to make are ginger cookies. It's crispy on the outside but is really soft inside. I really ...
Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup
65 min, 2 servings, 279 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: tomato, onions, garlic, olive oil
If you are looking for a delicious, simple and fast soup recipe I recommend you to try tomato soup which is wonderful and has a ...
Fluffy Pancakes Recipe
30 min, 3 servings, 406 Cals , by mitra
Ingredients: Egg, Sugar, Vanilla, Milk
When it comes to holidays, all of them begin with morning pancakes and ends with the morning leftovers for dinner. And what is better than ...
Strawberry Crumb Bars Recipe - Quick & Easy Dessert
55 min, 8 servings, 410 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: flour, sugar/for the dough, salt, baking powder
If you have a lot of summer fruits and don't know what to do with them or you want to make a fast and easy ...
Caramel Apple Pie Recipe
135 min, 6 servings, 924 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: flour, cold butter, sugar, salt
I've always thought making apple pies must be really difficult but when I first made it, I realized it wasn't that hard. I promise, once ...
Easy Classic Meatloaf Recipe
55 min, 3 servings, 443 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: beef, onion, garlic, egg
An attractive and easy meal for parties or dinners that we want to be a little more special than usual. ...