Cookie Recipes List

Easy Sugar Cookies Recipe with Only 3 Ingredients
58 min, 10 servings, 160 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: unsalted butter, sugar , all-purpose flour
This cookie has an easy recipe that only needs three ingredients, sugar, flour, and butter. This is the easiest recipe to make delicious cookies. ...
Baked Vegan Donut Recipe
40 min, 7 servings, 614 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: all-purpose flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt
If you love donuts like me but you don't eat them a lot because they are not healthy, this recipe is for you. These delicious ...
No-Bake Sugar Cookie
10 min, 2 servings, 1661 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract
Have you ever heard of no-bake cookies? I suppose you are a bit surprised how such a thing could exist but I assure you this ...
Classic Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe
25 min, 6 servings, 319 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, Softened butter, Peanut butter, Brown sugar
You are going to love the soft texture and wonderful taste and smell of this cookie. This cookie texture is super soft and is a ...
Chocolate chip cookies recipe
30 min, 4 servings, 924 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: Unsalted butter, Brown sugar, Granulated sugar, Egg
these super soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookie recipe which I guarantee the chewiest chocolate chip cookie texture. Big ...
Super Soft Ginger Cookies
22 min, 4 servings, 586 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: soft butter, brown sugar, egg, vanilla extract
One of the most delicious and easiest cookies to make our ginger cookies. It's crispy on the outside but is really soft inside. I really ...
Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies Recipe
45 min, 5 servings, 502 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: flour, cocoa powder, backing soda, salt
If you are looking for an attractive cookie recipe, one of your best choices is red velvet cookies. These cookies are really suitable for valentine's ...
Delicious Homemade Oreo Cookie Bars
45 min, 10 servings, 437 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: Flour, Baking soda, Cornflour, Unsalted butter
There is no need to tell you how simple and delicious these cookies are. Just you to know, you can bake the best delicious cookies ...
Chewy Crinkle Brownie Cookies Recipe
30 min, 12 servings, 299 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: bitter chocolate 60 to 70%, butter, Powdered sugar, Light brown sugar
In the autumn or winter evenings, we can double the pleasure of watching movies and spending the night eating new things. Believe me. This crackle ...
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
23 min, 20 servings, 111 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: butter, brown sugar, sugar, egg
The unique taste of the cookie with the crunchy texture of the first layer in combination with the soft texture and many chocolates between the ...