Drink Recipes List

Easy Apple Milkshake Recipe
5 min, 2 servings, 286 Cals , by samaneh.k
Ingredients: milk, ice cream, fresh green apples, sugar
An easy milkshake that can be made in less than a minute could be the perfect choice for a delicious drink. The only problem with ...
3 Ingredients Chocolate Milkshake
5 min, 2 servings, 43 Cals , by mitra
Ingredients: chocolate ice cream, milk, cocoa powder
When you can make your milkshake at home you don't need to go out to get one. you only need three ingredients and a blender ...
The Best Ever Banana Milkshake
15 min, 1 servings, 554 Cals , by samaneh.k
Ingredients: Milk, Banana, Ice cream, Honey
Of course milkshake is a delicious and cold drink which is a mixture of milk, ice cream and types of fruits. But the aroma and ...
Snickers Milkshake Recipe
10 min, 2 servings, 343 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: Milk, Vanilla ice cream, Snickers, Cocoa powder
Try this milkshake which is really features all of the flavors you love in a Snickers bar, caramel, and chocolate. ...