Persian Marmalade Cookies (Shirini Mashhadi) Recipe


This cookie is very popular for ceremonies like Eid, and etc. This cookie’s recipe makes it texture so soft and when it mixes with marmalade, it absorbs the marmalade and it makes the taste,delicious and fascinated.


  • 300 grams of flour
  • 50 grams of sugar powder
  • 150 grams of solid oil
  • 1 spoon of honey or bar syrups
  • 3 spoons of corn starch instead of flour
  • 1 egg
  • half of a teaspoon of vanilla
  • marmalade or brillo gel

Steps Of Preparing

Before starting, I insist on sifting the dry materials for about 2 or 3 times. First stir the oil with sugar powder to get color. Then add honey or bar syrups to it. And after that,add vanilla and egg and beat it well.

Next step,is adding dry materials we take 3 spoons of flour and add corn starch to it.This make our cookie to be soft. It will be better to add salt too. Much as a top of a spoon is enough. Now mix dry materials and add it to wet materials and knead it a little just to not stick in the hand. attention no to add more flour in the paste.

Marmalade Cookie’s Paste

Now put the paste in the refrigerator to rest

After Resting In Refrigerator

After taking out of refrigerator, spread the paste between 2 freezer bags and roll it with a rolling pin and then mold half of the cookies simple and for the rest, use nozzle to put a hole so the marmalade can be seen easily.

Mold that I used

Now put the cookies on the oilly paper and put it into the oven.Be careful to warm the oven befor putting cookies in it with a 170 degree let it bake for about 10_15 minutes. wait until it gets dark at the bottom then take it out of the oven.

Molding The Cookies
Ready To Be put in the oven

Let the cookies to get cold then remove it from the tray. Now you can pour marmalade on the simple ones and put the ones who have holes on the simple ones.

Marmalade Cookies

For designing, you can impregnate honey or bar syrup on the cookies that have hole before pouring marmalade. And then, cover the cookies with truffles or grated chocolate, sesame, coconut powder, pistachio powder and almond. And you can also sift sugar powder on the cookies that have holes on them or design it with bain marie chocolate.

Marmalade Cookie’s Recipe

In results, You can design this cookie in a veriety of ways.

After pouring marmalade, it is better to be kept in refrigerator for 1 day. If you control yourselves and avoid eating it hot,after 1 day keeping in refrigerator,it will have a bettr taste.

With this recipe, you can bake 40 cookies wich will be 20 Marmalade cookies in total.

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