Spinach and Plum Stew – Khoresht Aloo Esfenaj


The spinach and plum stew (as on of persian stew) can be one of the best choices in winter it’s This is due to the abundance of SPINACH ! is an excellent source of “Iron” and other essential vitamins for body ; like vitamin A , K and C based on healthiest world food website πŸ™‚
the combining of spinach with plum also some our favorite condiments can make it as an enjoyable and so yummy dish !
Today I posted the recipe of this tasty stew and suggest you to try it…


  • 150 gr Bukhara plums
  • 200 gr Lamb or calf
  • 400 gr cleaned and chopped spinach
  • one whole medium onion
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • some Salt , black pepper and turmeric ( as needed )
  • some liquid oil

How to prepare spinach and plum stew

-first of all soak our plums for one hour before cooking !

– second step : fry the chopped onions with some liquid oil over the medium heat about 3 min, until the onions get softer by frying ; then adding the meets and combinig them with onions .


-third step : adding some water to the meets and increase the heat, be patient until the water boils. turn down the heat and place in a saucepan to cook the meet.

-fourth step : in this time after the meet almost cooked , put the spinach in the other pot over the low heat without water until that juice evaporate . then fry with some oil.


-Fifth step : adding the spinach to the stew in the last 30 min of cooking . it’s time for adding the steamed plums to stew. mix it well.


-Finally ; add the lemon juice ( it is better to use the fresh lemon ) to have a so yummy stew for the unique dish πŸ˜‰

close the pot lid and it takes about 30 min to fill the smelling of this tasty food in your kitchen.

It will be deliciouse to serve this stew with Rice .


Spinach plum cooking TIPS

  • Rinse well the spinach with lukewarm water about 2 – 3 times to be sure that is cleaned and without any sands. Never wash spinach after chopped them due to save that nutrients. cooked the spinach in required amount not more than and please do not keep them in cooked.
  • Amount of sugar and lemon juice is depend on your taste , so you can decrease or increase it ! but keep in mind do not eliminate of lemon juice in your preparing BECAUSE it helps to ‘absorb the iron’ of spinach ( so even a little amount but use it )
  • Also, as a seasoning and according to your taste, you can use pomegranate paste, small pieces of lavashak, orange juice to flavor

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