Dessert Recipes List (page 2)

Classic Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe
25 min, 6 servings, 319 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, Softened butter, Peanut butter, Brown sugar
You are going to love the soft texture and wonderful taste and smell of this cookie. This cookie texture is super soft and is a ...
Best Ever Coffee Milkshake
15 min, 2 servings, 914 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, Milk, Whipped cream, Espresso
The two main ingredients of the milkshake are ice cream and milk. You can add whatever you love to this combination and have your special ...
Chocolate Cream Pie with Oreo Crust
150 min, 8 servings, 789 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate , Oreo coockies, Butter, Yolk
This recipe for a chocolate cream pie with oreo crust doesn't need to be cooked in the oven and will be ready in a snap. ...
Sugar-free Banana Bread Recipe
70 min, 8 servings, 296 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: Banana, Honey, Olive oil, Eggs
Without any doubt, banana bread is the most delicious and easiest bread of all. because it can easily come in all shapes and you can ...
Eggless Strawberry Galette Recipe
90 min, 3 servings, 966 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, Salt, White sugar, Unsalted butter
Well as long as we are in the mid-season of delicious and colorful fruits, I decided to teach you simply incredible dessert. For me, strawberry ...
The Perfect Dairy-free Chocolate Cake
75 min, 6 servings, 448 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: Eggs, Flour, Sugar, Vegetable oil
If you think you always need milk, buttermilk, or yogurt to make a perfect chocolate cake you are wrong. In this recipe, I teach you ...
Homemade Salted Chocolate Ganache Recipe
40 min, 1 servings, 2533 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: Orange essence, Heavy cream, 70-80% dark chocolate, Sea salt
Ganache is the mixture of chocolate and cream that you can use for the decoration and filling of the cake. The uses are virtually endless! ...
Easy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
60 min, 8 servings, 542 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: grated carrots, vegetable oil, crushed walnuts, sugar
This cake is really simple but has the perfect texture and tastes amazing, but if you don't use the right amount of ingredients your cake ...
Cinnamon Raisins Bread Pudding with Homemade Sauce Recipe
60 min, 6 servings, 567 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: French bread, Raisins, Eggs, Sugars
This is one of the most delicious pudding recipes, which is so easy to make even with day-old bread but gives you roasted and soft ...
Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe Without Butter
20 min, 5 servings, 603 Cals , by delaram
Ingredients: Cream cheese, softened to room temperature, Whipped cream, Powdered sugar, Vanilla extract
Cream cheese frosting tastes even better than whipped cream in some cake recipes such as red velvet cake or carrot cake. It is also used ...
Classic French Toast With Honey and Banana Toppings
25 min, 2 servings, 727 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: toast bread, egg, milk, sugar
If you are interested in a sweet breakfast, French toast is the best choice, especially with different toppings. ...
The Best Homemade Chocolate Brownies recipe
60 min, 8 servings, 482 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: eggs, chocolate bars, room temperature butter, sugar
If you feel down and don't know how to make yourself feel better I suggest you try making yourself some brownies. It might not ...