Samosa with Yufka dough


Samosa is a so yummy snack that you can cook it easily and fast.

You can fry or bake it (it will be healthier if you bake this snack)  with various filling ! like boiled potatoes , fried onion , leintile , any meat and so on.

This delicious snack is originet in the middle east and central Asia so it is better if you make it a little spicy 🙂 

It may take different forms, including triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes, depending on the region !

In this post you will learn how to have a yummy Samosa as a snack in both fry and bake…


  • A piece of cooked chicken
  • Half cup of corn
  • 1 small onion
  • A cup of pizza cheese 
  • Salt , black pepper , thyme and any spices of your choice 
  • Yufka dough ( or any ready dough you can buy from grocery )

*The original version have to use tortilla bread, not dough.

The ingredients are so varies and You can use other vegetables like potatoes , fried mashrooms ,carrot, bell pepper and also instead of chicken you can use minced meat ! But I recommend that any ingredients do not delete the cheese.

Quick and simple recipe

  1. Fry a small chopped onion in a little amount of oil
  2. After a short time add your sliced chicken and corn , let it to be cold then add the cheese
  3. Cut the rectangular dough vertically from the middle
  4. Like the steps you see in the picture hold the dough in your hand like a funnel and pour the ingredients you have prepared on it and then close the samosa.
  5. You can fry the samosas in oil or put them in an oven to be ready to serve for 10-15 minute
  6. To make it golden in the oven, mix the egg yolk with three or four spoons of milk and wipe it on the samosas and add sesame and black carrot.
the filling of Samosa
steps of wrrapping

Samosa in oven

Well in the tortilla version of samosa you can not put it in the oven but if you make it with ready dough it will be possible (however the original version is with bread and by frying).

ready samosa to put in oven
baked Samosa in oven

Hope you enjoy it

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