Albaloo Polo – Persian Rice with Sour Cherries Recipe


As we are in summer now so it’s the time to have a nice persian dish with fresh cherries…. It’s a delicious dish that you can cook with small meatballs or with chopped steamed chicken. If you like a meal with a taste between sweet and sour then I recommend you to please try it and enjoy that !


  • 1 cup of cherries ( without kernels 😉 )
  • 2 cup of rice
  • 3-4 tbsp of sugar ( depend on your flavor )

Ingredients for meatballs :

  • 400 gr Minced meat  
  • 1 medium onion
  • Salt , pepper and some oil

Quick recipe

  1. First of all put the kernel cherries with sugars on heat till the sugar melts and cherries juice is partly dry. ( no need to be concentrated like jam !)
  2. Drain the rice
  3. Grate the onion and pass through a sieve to remove excess water. Then mix with the minced meat and salt and pepper and knead until it is cohesive. 
  4. Make the small meatballs ( look like a walnut size ) then fry them in some oil
  5. So in this step in a suitable pot , pour a little bit of oil ( you can make your favorite tahdig ; with potatos or tortilla bread ) and make a layer of rice and over it a layer of cherries. On the last step put the small meatballs over the rice layer. 
  6. Be patient to cook your dish.
  7. To serve first take out the meatballs and then mix the layers of cherries and rice. In your favorite plate, decorate them according to your taste.
frying meatballs
frying meatballs
persian albaloopolo
persian albaloopolo

Some important points on this food

  • Pour the 4-5 glasses of water and let it boil then add the rice that you before soaked it with some salt. Drain it when you cut the middle of a grain of rice and there’s a white dot on the middle.
  • Also if you like chicken (or for any reasons ) you can cook it with chopped steamed chicken.
  • The measurements of sugar is depend on your flavors you can increase ( to be more sweet ) or decrease it ( to have more sour ) 

Hope you enjoy it…

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