Grilling Recipes List

Best Grilled Chicken Sandwich Recipe
45 min, 4 servings, 500 Cals , by farzaneh
Ingredients: Chicken breast, olive oil, raw garlics, soy sauce
You have no idea what to make for the weekend? Don't have enough time to prepare your meal? Don't worry, this sandwich recipe is for ...
Greek Lemon Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce
90 min, 2 servings, 765 Cals , by samaneh.k
Ingredients: chicken breast, fresh lemons, onions, sweet peppers, red
This is a wonderful dish that is marinated with lemon and served with Greek tzatziki sauce with cucumbers and dill leaves. It smells wonderful and ...
Buttery Garlic Bread with Parmesan Cheese
25 min, 3 servings, 375 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: Baguette or French bread, Garlic, butter, chopped parsley
Flavored bread is always interesting. They are even better when you flavor them the way you like. You must try this garlic bread with a ...
Easy Classic Meatloaf Recipe
55 min, 3 servings, 443 Cals , by sepideh
Ingredients: beef, onion, garlic, egg
An attractive and easy meal for parties or dinners that we want to be a little more special than usual. ...