Side Recipes List (page 2)

The easiest and delicate hummus recipe
40 min, 3 servings, 437 Cals , by masoume
Ingredients: Chickpea, Tahini, Garlic, Lemon juice
A fragrant dip with a soft and fluffy texture, especially when paired with toasted pitta bread, is so appealing that you do not want to ...
How To Make Tomato Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes
40 min, 3 servings, 110 Cals , by golzar
Ingredients: tomatoes, chopped onion, Garlic, raw, chopped basil
Homemade tomato sauce is much better than jar sauce in stores, they can never compete with the fresh and delicious taste of a homemade one. ...
Easy Caramel Sauce
30 min, 6 servings, 220 Cals , by golzar
Ingredients: Salt, table, Heavy Cream, Water, White sugar
Caramel sauce is a perfect ingredients to have more delicious cheesecakes, ice creams, pies and … . We can always buy it from the stores ...