Ash Reshteh – Persian Legume Soup Recipe

Ash Reshteh

Ash Reshteh is one of the Iranian thick soups with thin noodles called ” reshteh” and kashk something close to dried yogurt. Ash Reshteh is one of the well known and relishable Iranian ash. I guess in every persian families they have some memories of eating ash reshteh together. There is a lot of points and tricks for cooking this ash and you may have experienced eating this ash with different types of flavors! Variety of this flavors, depends on the Amount and type of the vegetables. In this page,I put the recipe of this genuine Iranian ash and important tricks for cooking it better. Hope you find it useful!


0.5 cup pinto beans
0.5 cup white beans
0.5 cup chickpea
0.5 cup lentils
500 gram chopped vegetables including leek,parsley and coriander
300 gram special reshteh ( thin noodles)
50 gram Kashk
50 gram Piaz Dagh
8 cup water


soaked in the pot

put frijoles that we already soaked them in the pot( except lentils) with water and a little part of fried onion and hot garlic on the heat.

adding fried onion and hot garlic

After about 2 hours that frijoles got ready, we add vegetables and lentils in it and take our time for 1 hour later.

adding lentils and vegetables

Chop the reshteh and add it in the pot. we stir it good and put the pot’s door and allow the reshteh to be baked. We can add the rest fried onions and hot garlic in the ash or keep it just for designing.

Ash Reshteh

After 45 minutes ash has been baked well and we can serve it with kashk, fried onion and hot mint.

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Cook Detail

Servings 1
Calories per serving 2686 Cals
Prepare Time 0 min
Cook Time 0 min
Total Time 0 min

Tips and tricks

  • It’s better to soak the frijole before using it. By doing this,special enzymes in frijole, will be free so they will be cooked faster and easy to eat. And in the skin of beans, there is some complicated compounds of sugar which will be broken by soaking.
  • For making our ash more tasty, while you’re baking the frijoles, add some hot mint and fried onion in to it.
  • we all know that fresh vegetables, will have better tastes. green vegetables are one of the main parts of the most ashes. And every ashes have their own special type of vegetables.
  • For making our ash delicious, we should be careful and notice the amount of vegetables we need based on the recipe. And if we use fresh vegetables, our ash would be more tasty. vegetables we need for ash reshteh including leek,parsley,coriander and spinach wich I suggest using spinach more than others in big sizes. You can chop spinach like others in smaller parts but in case you chop them bigger, your ash will look more attractive and delicious cause you can clearly recognize the flavor of spinach in your mouth.
  • Always try to prepare fresh vegetables and eat it. But sometimes this can’t be happen and you should prepare the vegetables in advance. If you want to freeze the vegetables, after washing, drying and chopping, package them based on your need. For packaging, put them in a plastic and widen them then freeze.
  • There is a lot of types of reshteh for ash in bazaars. Some of them are larger and take a lot of bulk of our ash and some of them won’t.But the point is reshteh will make our ash tasty. when you add reshteh in the ash, make sure you stir all of it we do this to spread the reshteh all over the pot and don’t stick together while cooking.We put the pot’s door with a normally temperature and sometimes stir the ash. Ash’s reshteh would bake about 20 minutes but just for making sure our ash baked well, we put our ash about 40_50 minutes on the gas.
  • Pasteurized kashk don’t need boiling. So you can add them into the ash but for designing, it’s better to be mixed with water and boil. Kashk that we use for designing, shouldn’t be watery.And for making it look beautiful, you can mix saffron and kashk or mix kashk with hot mint’s oil so that it would have color and look more pretty.
  • Lots of people use hot mint with ash’s vegetables and others chop and fry fresh mint on the ash. But the easier way to do is saute the spearmint with oil. For doing this,we pour oil in the pot and allow to get hot.then add all the spearmint into the pot and stir the pot about 5_10 seconds and take them away from the heat.Notice that if you put them in the heat longer, it would burn and taste bitter and you would feel the smell of burning in your ash.
  • water of ash shouldn’t be low when we add reshteh cause reshteh absorbs water. After adding reshteh, stir the pot sometimes. so it won’t in the bottom of pot. The more fried onion, the delicious our ash tastes!

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories 2686 Cals
Calcium, Ca 1490.05 mg
Carbohydrate 504.69 g
Cholesterol 5 mg
Fat 25.31 g
Fiber 69.64 g
Folate 2861.12 ug
Iron, Fe 65.32 mg
Magnesium, Mg 1066.61 mg
Niacin 21.91 mg
Protein 148.16 g
Sodium, Na 2892.05 mg
Sugars 24.33 g
Thiamin 4.35 mg
Vitamin A 42305.78 iu
Vitamin B6 3.05 mg
Vitamin C 680.65 mg