Persimmon Panna Cotta photo beside persimmons

Panna Cotta is one of my favorite dessert. It’s so easy to make, and no matter what flavor you add, it’s always perfect. This time I choose vanilla Panna cotta with persimmon puree and LOVED it. So lets try this delicious Panna cotta topped with golden persimmons and enjoy.


3 cup heavy cream
0.25 cup cold water
0.75 cup sugar
10 gram unflavored gelatin powder
1 tsp Vanilla extract
2 medium persimmons
1 tbsp icing sugar
0.25 lemon fresh lemon juice


Sprinkle gelatin

Pour the water into a bowl and sprinkle the gelatin powder over the water. let it sit for 10 minutes until the gelatin softens.

Melt the gelatin

Pour about 1 inch water in a small pot over medium heat. Place the gelatin bowl in the pot.

Stir the mixture

Stir until the gelatin melts about 2 to 3 minutes, then remove from heat.

Add the sugar

Combine heavy cream and sugar in a saucepan over low heat just until the sugar dissolves.

Add the gelatin mixture

Remove the saucepan from the heat and add gelatin mixture and vanilla extract. Stir to combine.

Divide the panna cotta mixture

Divide the panna cotta mixture in your desired serving dishes. Place the dishes in refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours until set.

Add ingredients to food processor

Peel the persimmons and place them in a food processor add icing sugar and lemon juice too.

Puree the persimmon

Pulse the food processor 2 to 3 times to puree the mixture.


When the panna cotta is set add the persimmon puree on top and enjoy.

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Cook Detail

Servings 1
Calories per serving 3150 Cals
Prepare Time 0 min
Cook Time 0 min
Total Time 0 min

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories 3150 Cals
Calcium, Ca 498.93 mg
Carbohydrate 196.34 g
Cholesterol 806.82 mg
Fat 257.85 g
Fiber 0.04 g
Folate 33.96 ug
Iron, Fe 2.16 mg
Magnesium, Mg 54.59 mg
Niacin 0.5 mg
Protein 29.28 g
Sodium, Na 216.23 mg
Sugars 179.2 g
Thiamin 0.14 mg
Vitamin A 10496.52 iu
Vitamin B6 0.26 mg
Vitamin C 41.92 mg