Persian Spinach Plum Stew with Meatballs (Khoresht Aloo Esfenaj)

Spinach plum stew (خورشت آلو اسفناج) is one of the types of stew that is prepared from red meat (muscle or thigh meat) or chicken, hot onion, oil, spinach, Bukhara plum, lemon juice, sugar, salt and pepper. this food is full of iron because of spinach. It serves for dinner or lunch.


  • 500 g raw spinach
  • 150 g minced meat
  • 2 onions
  • About 10 plums
  • Some oil
  • Salt, pepper, turmeric as needed


First of all, chop the spinach and let it cook without water. It is cooking very quickly and before its volume starts to decrease, take out of the potlid in order to the spinach does not get too wet.

Now grate the onion and knead the minced meat with the half of the onion, salt and pepper.

Then make balls with meat and let them cook with some oil in the frying pan.

Now take the meatballs out and fry the rest of the onion in the same frying pan and after that add turmeric and the cooked spinach.

Sauté spinach with onion and some oil to be fry. (be careful frying spinach too much, make it bitter)

Now add meatballs and plum to the spinaches and sauté all ingredients together again and add water, salt and pepper. (do not add too much water because all of them are cooked and let the stew cooks well together)

The less water the spinach plum stew is, the tastier it is. After some minutes, it is ready to serve.

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