Halva Havij – Persian Carrot Halva with Rice Flour

persian carrot halva

Carrot halva is always noticed due to its very attractive and beautiful color. Of course, the taste and texture is a little different from the wheat flour halva.


250 gram cooked carrots
1 cup rice flour
1.5 cup vegetable oil
1.5 cup sugar
1 cup water
50 gram butter
0.5 cup Rose water
1 tsp Spices, saffron



Pre-cook the carrots. Mix water and sugar and put it on heat until it is completely dissolved .Then add rose water and saffron and set it aside. Put the rice flour in a pot over medium heat to roast until the aroma of the rice flour comes to mind. The color change of rice flour is very small and it will not darken like wheat flour.

Add butter and oil

Add butter and oil and fry again until completely browned.

Puree the carrots

Puree the carrots that we have already cooked. Add it to the rice flour while roasting and continue roasting again.

add the nectar that we have already prepared

After cooking a little, add the nectar that we have already prepared. Stir it completely, the halva will gain volume and harden. After adding nectar on the heat, fry the halva until it completely absorbs the nectar.

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Cook Detail

Servings 1
Calories per serving 5021 Cals
Prepare Time 0 min
Cook Time 0 min
Total Time 0 min

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories 5021 Cals
Calcium, Ca 149.63 mg
Carbohydrate 450.99 g
Cholesterol 107.5 mg
Fat 370.44 g
Fiber 10.82 g
Folate 55.97 ug
Iron, Fe 1.54 mg
Magnesium, Mg 95.26 mg
Niacin 6.58 mg
Protein 12.24 g
Sodium, Na 189.15 mg
Sugars 311.47 g
Thiamin 0.39 mg
Vitamin A 43018.21 iu
Vitamin B6 1.05 mg
Vitamin C 15.32 mg