Ash Shole Ghalamkar (Persian Pottage)

ash sholeghalamkar

In the winter, nothing can be more delicious than a pottage. In this article, I will explain its preparing and I will tell you some tips that can help it to become more delicious.


  • Half a kilo of mutton (the more meat, the more delicious it is)
  • Half a pint of peas
  • Half a pin of kidney beans
  • Half a pint of wax beans
  • Half a pint of navy beans
  • Half a pint of mung beans
  • Half a pint of lentils
  • Half a pint of peeled wheat and barley
  • Pottage vegetable 1 kilo
  • Salt, pepper, turmeric, coriander powder
  • Fried onions, curd, mint for decoration

First of all, soak the beans and peeled wheat and barley for a few hours.

Cook the beans and meat, wheat and barley separately with 6 times their volume of water. It is better to cook at a gently temperature and slowly.

When it cooked, then mix them with an electric meat grinder. The beans and meat cooked thoroughly. Now unravel the meat and add to the pottage. Mash the beans with an electric meat grinder. Then mix all the beans, barley, wheat and meat together.

Sauté turmeric and coriander powder in oil then add them with vegetables to pottage.

After adding vegetables, stir them at a gentle heat about an hour until it reached suitable density. Now pour it in a bowl and design it with curd, either sautéed onion or mint.

Bon Appétit

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