Preparation of Koofteh Tabrizi Persian Meatballs Recipe

Koofteh Tabrizi Recipe

Despite all the new and varied foods that we hear their names, authentic foods have a special feeling these days. We know and believe that no food and no place in the world can replace Iranian authentic Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheime, etc. It is the Iranian honor that their foods have such taste and aroma that one won't ever forget if they taste them even once. Today, I teach you delicious Iranian food that, contrary to misconception, is prepared easily and quickly. It's called Koofteh, which is something like a meatball or kofta. There are different types of Koofteh, one is this Koofteh Tabrizi, and two others are Kallegonjeshki (small kofta) and chickpea kofta. I chose this one today since Koofte Tabrizi is the most famous and popular in Iran.


300 gram Minced meat
100 gram Rice
100 gram Split pea
1 medium Egg
2 medium Onions
4 tbsp Tomato paste
2 tbsp Aromatic herbs (my recommendation is savory, tarragon, coriander and parsley)
0.5 tsp Salt
0.2 tsp black pepper
0.2 tsp turmeric
1 cup Water, generic, bottled


koofteh ingredients

Soak the split pea if necessary. Underdo split pea and rice. My advice is to underdo them separately. After that, pound them with the bottom of a glass or a masher. So you do not need to use a blender at all. They have to get hammered and not crushed completely.

add tomato paste

While the rice and split peas are cooled down, grate one of the onions and sauté in some oil and turmeric. After frying the onions, add tomato paste, salt, and pepper to it and sauté again. Now pour 4 to 5 glasses of water and let it boil. Then reduce the flame and let it on the stove.

mix koofte

Grate onion with the medium size and take the extra water. Knead the onion, meat, salt, pepper, and turmeric for about 2 to 3 minutes till the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then add rice and split peas to the mixture and knead it for about 5 minutes again, which is essential since it allows the ingredients to hold together correctly and makes it much smoother and tastier. After that, knead the herbs and the egg into the mixture. Pick up a small number of ingredients and pound them into the container several times. Knead the Koofteh until you can make round balls.

persian meatball

Make a big ball and put plum or barberry or a soaked walnut in it. Make it fully round with your hands. You'll do it more comfortably if you make your hands wet with a little water before touching the meat paste. After it turned into a large meatball, put it inside the pot of sauce. The level of the sauce should be much that the Koofte gets immersed. Another point is that you shouldn't increase the flame, and also, you should put the lid semi-open. Otherwise, the balls will disintegrate, and the pot turns into a soup. After half an hour, turn the heat higher gently. It will be ready in about an hour.Another point is that you shouldn't increase the flame, and also you should put the lid semi-open; otherwise, the balls will destroy. After half an hour, turn the heat higher gently. It will be ready in about an hour.

Persian Koofteh Tabrizi

To serve, first put the Koofteh in the bowl and then pour the sauce. Some people serve it separately and pour bread in it. You can design it with barberry and plum. You can also use orange juice and lemon if you want to make it sour.

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Cook Detail

Servings 1
Calories per serving 1461 Cals
Prepare Time 0 min
Cook Time 0 min
Total Time 0 min

Tips and tricks

  • It is good to add mint and dill but keep in mind using too much mint make the food bitter.
  • You can use plum , barberry , walnut which one you want inside it. Do not forget to soak them before.
  • Underdo rice and split peas. Not completely cooked or raw.
  • Take the onion’s water.
  • Knead the mixture about 15 minutes.
  • Make the balls completely round and put in the pot very slowly.
  • Make the balls completely round and put in the pot very slowly.
  • The heat of the sauce should be low.
  • Koofte will separate if the lid is closed and you put it in the pot while sauce is stirring.
  • Never touch them for the first quarter which may cause it to crack.
  • Separate the ingredients from the beginning in order to be in the same size.

Background & History

Koofteh Tabrizi (کوفته تبریزی) is originally a very popular food from Tabriz, a city in the northwest of Iran.

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories 1461 Cals
Calcium, Ca 227.24 mg
Carbohydrate 175.11 g
Cholesterol 358.68 mg
Fat 39.26 g
Fiber 29.07 g
Folate 123.91 ug
Iron, Fe 16.24 mg
Magnesium, Mg 222.77 mg
Niacin 22.81 mg
Protein 100.78 g
Sodium, Na 1485.03 mg
Sugars 20.51 g
Thiamin 1.09 mg
Vitamin A 2051.74 iu
Vitamin B6 1.88 mg
Vitamin C 42.21 mg