Acanthus stew (Khoresht-e Kangar)

Acanthus stew is one of the popular spring foods. Acanthus is a vegetable having potassium and helping the digestion in our body, so I recommend you for using it in your diet to both enjoy and benefit.


250 gram Lamb meat (cut into cube)
300 gram acanthus
150 gram parsley (chopped)
50 gram peppermint (chopped)
1 medium onion
20 gram butter
15 gram Lime juice
0.5 tsp salt
0.2 tsp black pepper
0.2 tsp turmeric


frying onion

Chop the onion and fry it well. Then add turmeric and pepper.

stir-frying the meat

You can use lamb or beef meat for this recipe. Add chopped meat to sauté onion and stir-fry them until slightly change the color. The point is for stir-frying meats we have to keep the heat in medium.

adding water

Now add enough water to the meat and let them cook in the medium heat.

stir-fry vegetables

Next, stir-fry vegetables, do not fry them too much or they will become bitter.

wash and clean acanthus

Wash well and clean acanthus. As you see in the picture.

Stir-frying acanthus in butter

Fry acanthus few seconds with butter to taste.

adding vegetables and acanthus

After about one and a half hour, add vegetables and acanthus to the semi-cooked meat and let them cook together and fit in well.

Khoresht-e Kangar

Add some lemon juice or other flavor and some salt. Your stew is ready to serve and enjoy.Bon Appetite

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Cook Detail

Servings 1
Calories per serving 987 Cals
Prepare Time 0 min
Cook Time 0 min
Total Time 0 min

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories 987 Cals
Calcium, Ca 433.27 mg
Carbohydrate 28.96 g
Cholesterol 225.5 mg
Fat 76.59 g
Fiber 11.13 g
Folate 354.7 ug
Iron, Fe 16.34 mg
Magnesium, Mg 187.87 mg
Niacin 17.89 mg
Protein 49.28 g
Sodium, Na 1422.74 mg
Sugars 6.34 g
Thiamin 0.5 mg
Vitamin A 15265.42 iu
Vitamin B6 0.67 mg
Vitamin C 229.35 mg