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When cooking, having ice cubes on hand is as important as the rest of the ingredients. We need ice cubes to make many of the simplest recipes, from hard-boiled eggs to pie crust. More importantly, having ice cubes is a must to make drinks.

I know it might be easy to buy them from the store, but you can easily make as much as you want at home and save some money. So join me to review the recipe and its tips and answer the frequently asked questions about ice cubes.

Ice Cubes Recipe
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Simple recipe for ice cubes

I do not think in the world of cooking you can find a recipe easier than this:

  1. Clean the trays.
  2. Fill the trays with water.
  3. Return ice trays to freezer.
  4. Wait at least 4 hours for complete freezing.

Clean the Ice cubes tray well

Before filling the tray, you must rinse the container well so that it is in its cleanest state. Do not try to skip this step as it will make your ice taste and smell bad.

Does warm water make better ice cubes?

The answer is yes! Another law of physics called the Mpemba effect helps us and says that hot water freezes faster and can create clearer ice.

Do not fill to the brim with water!

A law of physics says that water increases in volume when it freezes, so it is important to remember not to fill the trays completely to the brim and leave 10% of its capacity empty to increase the volume of water.

How do remove ice cubes from the tray?

Hold the tray with both hands on both sides and gently twist it about 10 to 30 degrees. By doing this, the ice is gradually separated from the tray.

If you are not successful, you can pour a little warm water under the tray to separate the ice from the mold.

If you still have problems, using silicone mold trays can help you remove them more easily.

how to store ice cubes without sticking together?

Once you have removed them from the trays, simply place them in a clean paper bag, close the lid, and store them in the freezer. In this way, the paper absorbs the excess water off the ice and prevents the ice from sticking to each other.

What should I do if the ice smells bad?

Ice cubes are very prone to absorb the smell and taste of adjacent food in freezer.

If you have stubborn odors, it is better to use trays with lids to prevent the smell and taste from changing.

My constant suggestion is to always pack foods well before putting them in the freezer. Periodic cleaning of the refrigerator can also help you to always enjoy the freshness and unique aroma of each food.

Do you know a trick too?

Simple and general recipes can be done in creative ways. I will be happy to know if you make ice cubes with a new method or idea.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. 🙂

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