The Best Way to Cook Drain Rice

persian rice

Many Iranian dishes are related to rice and in fact one of the most important components of Iranian cuisine is that we can cook rice well.
In Iran, rice is cooked in two ways: rapid boil method or absorption method (Kateh) and pasta method (Draining).
Today I want to explain the best way of to cook rice with pasta method (Drain).

Before I talk about rinsing, it is good to know that cooking rice depends on its type. Each type of rice from different Iranian models such as Hashemi and Tarom to Indian, Thai and Japanese rice in cooking are different and may be very dry or be very sticky. In this post, I will talk about cooking Iranian rice.

What are the characteristics of good Iranian rice?

In order to be able to prepare good Iranian rice, you must make sure that the rice grains are uniform. That mean, they should be the same size and color. The color of good Iranian rice is usually cream and flat or matte (It is not completely white and transparent). Usually when you take some Iranian rice in your hand, your hand becomes a little floury. When you smell it, it has a pleasant aroma (that is specific to Iranian rice). Also the grains are medium in size. That mean, they are not as long as Indian rice and not as short as Japanese rice.

Iranian rice

Drainage method of Iranian rice

  1. First we should wash the rice carefully. So that when we pour water, the water becomes clear.
  2. Pour more than twice the volume of rice, water in a pot and put it on the heat until it boils.
  3. After the water boils, add the washed rice.
  4. Let the rice simmer in the water, until you halve a grain of rice, you see a whiter and raw spot in the middle of the rice.
  5. Now drain the rice. (Do not need to pour water on it)
  6. To brew, pour the drained rice into the pot. Pour 1/4 cup water with one or two tablespoons of oil around the pot and put it in the pot and let the rice simmer gently on very low heat.
Wash the rice
Rice simmer in the water
Halve a grain of rice
Drain the rice

Why water and oil added at the end?

Adding a very small amount of water to the rice helps the rice to brew better.
The oil also makes the rice separate after cooking and has a more beautiful appearance.

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