The BEST Persian Halva Recipe

persian halva recipe

Halwa is one of those addictive foods in iran. wich it’s not easy to reject it. it has 462 calories and it will taste well with a cup of tea. So I decided to share this delicious dessert’s recipe. All this tips I give you, it’s the result of years personal experiencing in baking halwa. Hope you find it useful!


  • 1 cup of Flour
  • 1/2 cups of oil
  • Shahd( Something close to nectar the details will be posted) 1/2 cups

Quick Recipe

  1. put flour in the pot with a medium temperature And stirfiy until it change color and get brown.
  2. Add oil in flour and stir it for some minutes
  3. Take the pot out of the heat and add nectar to halwa as much as they get mix well and find a appropriate texture.
  4. Again put halwa on the heat and stir it for 2 or 3 minutes.

Brewing Saffron

It’s better to brew saffron concentrate. Because If it is dilute and you want to add more saffron to halwa, it may make your halwa loosen.

Halwa’s Shah’d recipe (nectar)

  • 1 cup or 250 milliliter of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 120 milliliter of rose water (Half of a cup)
  • brewed saffron’s dilution 2 or 3 teaspoons

Put water and sugar on the heat until it boils and stir it to mix well until we no longer see sugar cubes in it. then remove it from the heat. If it stay on a heat longer, the water will evaporate and shahd will be concentraded. The result, your halwa would be too sweet or too dry.

Explanation About The Quantity Of Halwa’s Shahd

For nectar, The amounts of sugar and water is the same. Means for each cup of sugar, we need one cup of water. With this amount,We have one and a half cup of Shahd. The proper amount for rose water and saffron (with each other) is about half of cup. It means For each cup of water, one cup of sugar and half cup of rose water is appropriate. We add 2 o 3 spoons of concentrated saffron solution wish rose water to shahd. All of this Quantities together, is 2 cups or 500 milliliter shahd.

persian halva
persian halva

Stir fry Flour And Its tips

Stiring flour in oil may be the most important part of baking halwa. Because it determine the color and texture of halwa.

You should stir fry with medium heat And it will take sometime so you should be patient and keep stir it.

Choose a frying pan that is bigger than your amount of flour. This would take less time. it will take about only 40_60 minutes. If the frying pan is smaller than your flour, it will take way longer time to bake.

What We Should Do To Have A Halwa With Good Color?

Halwa’s color is completely optional and depend on your Taste that you want a light color or dark one?

Determining Halwa’s Color is experimental and you should bake it for so many times to figure out wich level of changing color is your favorite color.

Another way is ” Flour testing” in every steps. For example, take one teaspoon of flour and mix it with a little bit of oil and see wich one is your favorite color. But this technique, won’t tell you what color at the end your halwa will be exactly. but it’s helping.

Sometimes, while you’re frying the flour with high heat, you may burn the bottom layer of that.And you mix it with the whole flour with an imagination in your mind that “this color (burned one) is proper.But this work, Makes your halwa taste like burns And some part of flour still stay raw And not stir fry wich doesn’t taste well at all. And you should remember when we are stir frying, we don’t want our flour to be doughy.

Stir Fry Flour With Oil

The next step, is adding oil in Flour.

Oil should cover all over the flour and be a little sticky. Using a lot of oil, will cause many harms for your health but we shouldn’t change the recipe if want to have an appropriate texture.

Less_oil makes our halwa doughy with an unsuitable texture.And if we use more of oil, We will have a greasy and oily halwa that may be afloated in oil.

Stir frying flour, doesn’t need to be long, unless you don’t want to make it darker. and if you do, you should do it with a normal heat. High heat while stir frying, may burn your flour and afte radding shahd, your halwa will be toughen.

Adding Halwa’s Shahd

After stir frying, Add cardamom powder and mix it. At the end, add shahd in flour and oil. It’s better to take away the fry pan from gas then add shahd in it. This decrease the jump of materials. After adding shahd, we put halwa again on the heat and stir it to be cohesive.

halva recipe
halva recipe

Appropriate Amount of nectar

Amount of using nectar is depend on different factors. The important one is the amount of water absorption by Flour wich determines you need less shahd or more?

I myself, bake more shahd than it’s needed So I can add more of it if I wanted to. In this recipe,I had 2 cups of shahd wich about 1/3 shahd was unneeded.

For having a halwa that is suitable for piping, you should add a little more of shahd

Piping Halwa in mini tarts

It’s important to pip when halwa is hot. Otherwise, the edge of halwa will crack plus it won’t have a soft and pretty shape. You should add shahd as much as the texture will dilute so you can piping icing nozzles but the only bad thing, is that they may not stay still.

For label star tip, you should prepare a proper icing nozzles from confectionery accessories. You should buy a big icing nozzle and funnel. First you should put icing nozzle inside the funnel and cut the end of the funnel the same size of the head of icing nozzle so it will come outside then we put halwa in the funnel.

For labeling star,you should keep the funnel straight to the tarts and push your hand to bring halwa outside.

For ending it، spin your hand so icing nozzle will be removed from the halwa in tarts.

at the end, we design it with pistachio powder.

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