Chicken Tahchin – Tahchin e Morgh

tahchin morgh

This unique persian dish is one of the popular and so common foods in Iranian parties due to it not taking you much energy and time to prepare .

The only thing here that is important about this dish is to know the points and some measurements of the ingredients that help you to make it more tasty and delicious….

In my opinion this food is amazing because you can taste and smell the aroma of Saffron with chicken 😉

By this recipe you can cook one of the best Chicken tahchin !


  • 3 cups Rice
  • 2 whole eggs (but if you use only 3 egg yolk the texture will be better)
  • Half a cup yogurt (it is better to have a little bit sour , but normally i use hard yogurt which it has not water at all )
  • Half a cup brewed Saffron
  • A glass of cooked and chopped chicken ( a whole piece of thigh or a piece of breast )
  • 1 tbsp Rosewater 
  • 2 tbsp Butter  

( actually this amount of ingredients is enough for 4 persons )

the ingredients of chicken tahchin

How to prepare chicken tahchin ( crispy persian rice cake )

Quick preparing 

  1. Eggs , yogurt , saffron and rosewater all thoroughly  mix together to be smooth.
  2. Add egg mixture to the drained rice and again mix them . in this step adding melted butter to the rice.
  3. lubricate the bottom of the non-stick pan and pour half of the rice or ⅓ of the rice on the bottom of the pan, actually it’s according to your taste and then squeeze it with the back of a spoon.
  4. Pour the chopped cooked chicken over the pressed rice !
  5. Again pour another layer of the rice over the chicken and repeat these steps 
adding Saffron
adding yogurt and butter
combining rice with egg mix
make a layer of chicken over rice layer

( chicken and rice layers ) about 2-3 times till you finish your ingredients.

  1. Your last layer should be rice and completely compressed .

Put the pan over the medium heat about 40 min to an hour and be patient until you get the golden Tahchin !

well it was the general and whole steps of chicken tahchin cooking but now I will share the considerable points which I mentioned at the first to have a more tasty dish :

The best way to drain the rice 

To drain the rice , pre-soak it with a lot of salt for 3-4 hours. Then take out the water and juice of it to remove the extra salt !  Then boil the 5 glasses of water in a pot and pour the soaked rice with a little salt and let it boil.

After a short time take a grain of rice and cut it in a middle part , if you can feel a white dot in the middle so it means ready to drain ( the best time to drain the rice ) ; because it helps the rice’s grain to have its shape and not be crushed .

The best way to cook the chicken 

It’s always better to cook chicken in small amounts of water; in this way it takes all its flavor and not add it to its juice so make it more delicious. Cook the chicken with a small amount of water, chopped onions , a little salt , turmeric and a cinnamon stick ; put it over the medium heat. 

After you get it cooked and its water almost vaporized then turn the heat off, take it out and let it cool then shaved the chicken. Also after you shaved the chicken you can fry it a little with a bit of butter and Saffron for more tasty ( only as a yummy point ).

Basically for tahchin you can use any part of chicken like thigh and breast or even bony parts such as shoulders or neck are more suitable cause they’re not dry and have a nice texture .

Should we use the whole egg or only egg yolk ?

If you want to get a softer texture in my opinion it’s better to use egg yolk instead of whole eggs , because if you use a whole egg the bottom of your tahchin will be frimer and crispier. 

Be careful if you use more eggs than is prescribed your tahchin will be dry and if you reduce the number of eggs then cause it to loosen or fall off.

What is the effect of Yogurt on the texture of the Tahchin ?

The presence of the yogurt in your gredients causes it to be softer and make it taste great. It is better to use firmer yogurt which does not have any water. If it has some water then be sure to pass it from a cleanser to remove its excess water.

What can we do to easily return the Tahchin to the dish ?

  1. It is important to use the non stick pan and also lubricate the wall and edges of your pan.
  2. Do not forget to squeeze completely the layers of rice and chicken withe back of a spoon so it comes back easily .
  3. make sure that all layers of your Tahchin are completely cooked, even the middle part.

How to cook Tahchin in oven 

This is a way that for any reason you can not use the stove :

First cover it with a layer of foil and make a few small holes on it . set the oven on 170-180and let it cook for 45-60 min ( this time may be changed depending on the volume of tahchin ) . It is better to use a Pyrex dish if you want to use the oven cause the good thing is you can see how it’s golden at the bottom.

It will be ready when the bottom is golden, completely cohesive and will be separate from the wall of the dish.

How can we decorate the Tahchin ?

This food itself is effective and beautiful but in Iran we use some a little roasted Barberry or some sliced Pistachio (that you soaked it before ) and fry in a little bit butter.

Hope You Enjoy It…

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